About Us

GTL Urja is the distribution franchisee of Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL), Aurangabad.

GTL Limited is part of the Global Group. The group has 7 companies, balance sheet size of Rs. 22,500 crores (FY11E), project experience in more than 40 countries and owns 32,000+ towers. Global Group is an equal opportunity employer that employs people of 22 nationalities and supports 18 social causes.

As a Distribution Franchisee of MSEDCL, GTL Urja will be responsible for the power distribution in the city of Aurangabad Urban Divisions I and II, based on the input power supplied by MSEDCL.

GTL Urja will also be responsible for Network O & M, New Service Connections, Customer Care, and Upgrading, Improving and Augmenting the network capacity. All the activities shall be carried out under the close supervision and guidelines of MSEDCL. The tariff charged will be as per MERC tariff orders applicable from time to time.

It is our endeavor to provide efficient power distribution including prompt meter reading and flexible billing services, introducing new options for convenient bill payments, prompt resolution of customer complaints and a superior experience.